Being so passionate about nature and conservation, I have been constantly involved with a wide variety of activities in a multitude of global locations including the Galapagos, Caribbean, Bermuda, Ningaloo Reef, Great Barrier Reef and Costa Rica.


Over a number of years I have been actively involved with scientific and conservation research of many different marine organisms in numerous locations all over the world. Aside from the many seabird species I have worked with I have also experience with a diverse set of marine organisms. From endangered Black Grouper and painted lobsters in Bermuda to turtles and sharks in the Galapagos and whale sharks, manta rays and invertebrates in the Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia.


I am not only obsessed with our oceans though! I have worked in terrestrial systems too - on forest animals such as frogs (and streams) in Costa Rica and bird and bat communities in Borneo. Ive even been involved in projects to prevent over-development of beaches and sustainable development and forest practices in Costa Rica.


Activities & consultation

 Some of the activities I have participated in or consulted on include monitoring, surveys (land-based and at-sea), animal trapping (cages, cameras etc), handling, tagging, tracking, assessing biology, demographics, distribution and abundance, diet and stable isotope studies, ecosystem management such as tree planting, pest control and eradication, pollution and raising awareness about conservation, sustainability and habitat and species management and protection.

Education & Stakeholder interaction

I have taught marine conservation to hundreds of snorkellers and Scuba divers, conducted surveys and presented scientific talks to numerous groups including stakeholders, special interest groups, school and university students, governmental agencies, NGOs and the public.

Advocacy & raising awareness campaigns

I believe in the importance of raising the awareness of the general public with robust science and information about conservation and sustainability. As such, I have actively particated in many campaigns including 'Save Ningaloo', Shark and holothurian poaching and overfishing in Galapagos, Forest management and sustainable tourism in Costa Rica, Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation, Honduras and environmental surveys for Forest & Bird Society of New Zealand.