Technical skills

Telemetry - GPS, GLS, PTT Satellite and radio transmitters     Remote sensing - large complex environmental/ocean datasets       ArcGIS and R - advanced analytical, mapping and modelling      Animal handling - seabirds, varied marine and terestrial taxa    Experimental design - development of ideas, objectives, protocols Field team management, simultaneous collection of multiple data Conservation - diverse activities/taxa/global regions

Animal movement

I have successfully designed, developed and conducted many tracking studies of numerous species of seabirds. I have used and developed innovative deployments of GPS, GLS and PTT devices for short and long term studies

The tracking methodologies and environmental/species modelling techniques that I used for my seabird research are innovative and highly diverse,  making them broadly applicable to diverse  investigations of animal movements and ecological associations for a wide variety of taxa - both marine and terrestrial.

Ecological modelling & advanced statistics

R and ArcGIS to  manage, sort, download, format, classify, correlate, map and analysing large movement and environmental datasets with advanced statistical and modelling techniques

 I have used advanced statistics and ecological modelling techniques in theoretical and applied science, characterising resource environments, investigating and assessing animal/environment interactions, and understanding trophic mechanisms, processes and the impacts of human activiites and climate-driven variation.


The findings of such research can be used toward advancing tracking and modelling techniques, determining habitat use, resource selection, navigation, migratory corridors and foraging movements, avoided areas and limitations of resource environment.

Global applications & climate-change biology

On a larger scale they contribute to a better understanding of climate-change impacts to species, habitats and ecosystems, global change biology and improving management and conservation of biodiversity and a diverse range of taxa in all ecosystems.